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What do you mean those numbers petrol "80, 90 and 92, and why not there like in diesel" diesel "

Whether that you own a car or not , it certainly has passed , you said more than one type of motor fuel and several other types of gasoline, but did you ask yourself   before what is the meaning of those numbers that followed the name ofgasoline. Why especially gasoline and not any other type of automobile fuel. In order to understand this subject we need to know information about both the gasoline engine and diesel engine. The gasoline engine has been designed so that mixing gasoline with air is then the combustion process by candle Primers "spark View a plug  "In time for that. While the diesel engines have been designed so that the air pressure increases the degree of air thus increases its temperature Vical diesel , which was converted to spray by Injector" Injector ".

The problem is that gasoline with air mixture when it is compressed in a gasoline engine , it ignites a self before the right time before any spark Primers causing bang in the combustion chamber and thus causes the sound knock knockingInside the engine and this Bt destroys the engine because it causes rapid pressure in the combustion chamber and the deposition material is undesirable in the engine, which affects the performance of the engine, therefore it has to be added materials reduces the ignition of self and all those things are not present in the case of diesel engines.

The numbers 80, 90 and 92 refers to the octane number which is "a measure of fuel resistance to knock the engine which will result from the combustion of" meaning that 80 petrol for example, when burned will produce Bta engine is equal to Bt, which will be produced by a mixture of 80% ISO-octane " Alcan has an 8 carbon atoms "and 20% heptane" Alcan has a 7 carbon atoms "when burned and the higher the octane number, the less Bt, because ISO burning slower octane as it is the largest chain of hydrocarbons and more resistant to self-ignition.Therefore find that in areas with the amount of oxygen of few such high areas that gasoline holder number of low octane is common, because the combustion will be slower and the probability of ignition self for a mixture of gasoline and air less will not happen Bta and you will find the opposite in the possible low where the amount of oxygen is very high. Important note : There is analogous to the octane number in diesel is called No. cetane but neglected to use the scarcity of fuel in his car. We wish you interest.

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